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Kaliyam Madathil is a family name from Central Travancore. A part of the family migrated to the Idukki district and engaged in agriculture since the 1950s The Family was engaged in the cultivation and processing of Spices like Cardamom, Black pepper, Clove, Coffee, Nutmeg, Ginger, Turmeric, and all kind of agricultural products.

The second generation of the family has a vision of spreading the quality and market of agricultural products and avoiding the mediators. In fact, From the farmer directly to the end user. This Strategy will help the farmers to find a better price for their products and the end user can buy a better-quality product at a lower price.

KM Spices opened a collection Centre in Chettukuzhi (Idukki District-Kerala) and have a number of farmers who produces and process the spices hygienically, cleanly, Scientifically, and ethically as partners.

KM Spices Deals with all kinds of spices produces in the region and guarantee the quality of the material.

Customers who believe in quality and believe in supporting the farmers is our responsibility, can buy spices from our online store. KM spices can deliver the material throughout India with a minimum time limit.

Try our products and experience the difference!!!

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